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To support the educational, social and emotional development of children, ages 0-5, by providing high quality, comprehensive and family-focused early childhood services in partnership with the community.

The Policy Council is made up of parents in the Early Head Start and Head Start programs. They are elected by parents at their sites, to participate in program decision-making, planning and goal setting. The membership term is one year, beginning in October and ending in October of the following year. Membership is limited to three years per the Program Performance Standards set by the federal government. Additional representatives include community members, and former Early Head Start and Head Start parents, who are elected by the currently seated Policy Council members.

Once a month, the Policy Council meets to assist in the development of plans and strategies to provide services for children and families in the Early Head Start and Head Start programs, approve budgets and funding applications, and participate in the hiring process, as well as many other important tasks.

The Policy Council and the Child Start Board of Directors work together to ensure that all aspects of program management are met in a timely manner, with responsibilities and opportunities for each group to provide input and make decisions.

Parents participating in the Policy Council can volunteer for leadership roles on the Council, participate in committee meetings that relate to programming decisions that affect their children and learn many new skills that can assist them with their own personal growth and development. Parents can grow and learn at the same time their children are growing and learning!


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